QuantorClinic™ Scan and Order Management Software

QuantorClinic™ is a highly intuitive scan & order management software package that is included in the Heron™ IOS solution. Besides order management and scanning, the system allows you to share information with the lab via our cloud solution QuantorShare™. The software is designed to be highly intuitive, with a fast learning curve that provides fast and easy collaboration with the lab.

Open Format Software
Open Format Software is one of your biggest advantages when choosing the Heron™ IOS system as it gives you the most options to work in any open platform software and fit the scanner into your current clinic and lab setup. Your flexibility is our priority, with the ability to scan and export in STL, OBJ and PLY to any open CAD software solution on the labside, giving you maximum flexibility in connecting and automating your digital set-up.

Highlights - QuantorClinic™

  • Touch screen functionality
  • Cloud solution for file sharing included
  • 3D scan viewer with comparison function to track patient tooth history
  • Language support in 6 languages (En, Es, Da, Ja, Ko, De)
  • Support of the most common types of restorations
  • Open architecture for export to any open dental CAD system

QuantorClinic™ Software Specifications

Output File FormatSTL, PLY or OBJ
Compatibility with CAD/CAM SystemsOpen architecture • Output format STL, PLY or OBJ • Compatible with most dental CAD systems
QuantorClinic™Case management, scanning, validation and lab sharing application
QuantorShare™Allows transfer of dental restoration case from dental office to dental lab and manufacturing
IndicationsThe scanner software is set up to aid in the creation of restorations such as anatomic crown, impression copings, inlays, onlays, provisional crown, anatomic pontic, reduced pontic, provisional pontic, veneers, diagnostic wax-ups, bite splints and implants
InterfaceTouchscreen functionality