Efficacy and Accuracy of Scanned Crown Preparations Cross Arch

Dr Salvatore F. Perna Phoenix, Arizona

Dr. Salvatore Perna is practicing in Phoenix, Arizona with a focus on digital cosmetic dental reconstruction with innovative design and restorative care. His philosophy is to restore patients to their optimum oral health with care and a conservative, gentle touch. One of the most rewarding aspects of dentistry for Dr. Perna is seeing patients leave the office with a transformed smile that enhances their self-esteem and confidence.

The case

A patient was seen in our clinic for restoration of decayed and misaligned teeth #5-13. The patient requested ideal anatomical cosmetics, and was cleared for dental care by the MD and all diagnostic records and proposed treatment care were discussed and agreed upon. I prepared the patient for full coverage crowns and scanned the maxillary and mandibular arches with the Heron™ IOS. I was curious to evaluate the cross-arch accuracy and marginal integrity of the Heron™ IOS recently released software algorithm.

The results

The completed crowns seated perfectly on the patient’s teeth with exact and unmatched marginal integrity. I can verify to the user-friendly interface and software module, as well as to the terrific, ergonomic design and function of the scanner. The patient experienced no discomfort, and there were no problems scanning the distal of any posterior teeth, due to the contoured and tapered Heron IOS handpiece. Transferring STL files to my crown and bridge and denture laboratory was easy and occurred with the upmost efficacy. My lab appreciated the digital lab slips comprehensive, yet streamlined approach to communicating my Rx to them.


I wanted to purchase and use the best IOS available, and I was looking for a company which offered the best technology, support and future development. I believe 3DISC has now risen to a level that supersedes all competition to date. I would highly recommend this fantastic device for all dentists; from the new practitioner to the most experienced, in order to bring your patient care to the next level of excellence.

The pre-op photo shows irregular ortho alignment

The initial Heron™ IOS scan is in progress

The scanner's compact design ensured optimal patient comfort in tight occlusal spacing

Comparison of 3D imaging to printed models

Mounted stone models verifying fit and finish prior to seating case

Case seated with ease and precision