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HeronClinic Software (3.0 -- NEW User Interface)

HeronClinic Installer3.0.0125.1 (Jan 25, 2020)Download here
(Release notes pending)
HeronCloud RegistrationHeronCloud website
Video TutorialsHeronClinic Video
HeronCloud Video
HeronClinic FAQ(FAQ pending)
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HeronClinic User ManualJan 20Download Link
HeronCloud ManualDownload Link
PC requirementsRev 4 (Oct 19)PC Requirements (.pdf)


QuantorClinic Software (2.0 -- Legacy User Interface)

NameReleaseMiscellaneousDownload Software
QuantorClinic2.0.1204.1 (Dec 04, 2019)Release Notes (.pdf)Download (.exe)
PC requirementsOct 19PC Requirements (Rev 4, Oct 19) (.pdf)

Video Tutorials

Video NameLanguageMiscellenousView
Patient EntryEnglish1080pView
Tip SterilizingEnglish1080pView
Bite scanningEnglish1080pView

User Manuals

User ManualLanguageRevision No.Download
Heron IOS Solution ManualEnglishOct193DISC_Heron User manual_IOS-FPM-71-001-EN_OCT19
Heron IOS Solution ManualGermanOct19Heron IOS Usermanual_ IOS-FPM-71-001_DE_OCT19
Heron IOS Solution ManualFrenchOct19Heron IOS Usermanual_IOS-FPM-71-001_FR_OCT9
Heron IOS Solution ManualSpanishOct19Heron IOS Usermanual_IOS-FPM-71-001_ES_OCT19
Heron IOS Solution ManualItalianOct19Heron IOS Usermanual_ IOS-FPM-71-001_IT_OCT19

Quick Guides

Quick guidesLanguageRevision No.Download
Heron IOS Solution Quick Guide (HeronClinic)EnglishJan20Heron_IOS_QSG_EN_high
Below are Quick Guides for software release before December 2019.
Heron IOS Solution Quick Guide (QuantorClinic)EnglishOct19Heron_IOS_QSG_EN_High
Heron IOS Solution Quick Guide (QuantorClinic)DanishNov19Heron_IOS_QSG_DK
Heron IOS Solution Quick Guide (QuantorClinic)GermanOct19Heron_IOS_QSG_DE_High
Heron IOS Solution Quick Guide (QuantorClinic)FrenchOct19Heron_IOS_QSG_FR_High
Heron IOS Solution Quick Guide (QuantorClinic)SpanishOct19Heron_IOS_QSG_ES_High
Heron IOS Solution Quick Guide (QuantorClinic)ItalianOct19Heron_IOS_QSG_IT_High

Graphics and Logos

Heron IOS WallpapersHeron IOS desktop wallpaper for PCs at customer installations and for use in connection with exhibitions/showrooms.Download
LogoVector & Bitmap files
3DISC LogoDownload
Heron IOS LogoDownload

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