Network & Database Options


You can use the FireCR Dental in several different setups, depending on your clinic’s size, volume and budget. A basic setup can be scaled up as the clinic grows.

The setups are enabled by different modes of operation, e.g. the Quantor Software or via a 3rd party software by TWAIN*.

A) USB Connection

Connecting the FireCR Dental to a PC by USB is the basic method of use.

usb connection

  • Reader is always connected to PC
  • Images go directly to connected workstation

B) Multiple PCs : 1 Reader (n:1)

Whenever 1 FireCR Dental is available on the network, it can be controlled from any 1 workstation at the time.

Multiple PCs : 1 Reader (n:1)

  • Manually connect and disconnect from reader
  • Optional FireID: Tag IPs using the FireID for smoother workflow and increased patient data security

C) Multiple PCs : Multiple Readers (n:n)

Several FireCR Dentals can be used simultaneously by any number of PCs on the network, using a FireID.

Multiple PCs : Multiple Readers (n:n)

    • FireID is mandatory
    • Image is automatically delivered to the PC on which the IP was tagged


Use your own standalone database or save your studies to a shared database with QuantorNet and view them with QuantorDent Lite.

The QuantorDent Lite software is installed on any PC wanting to access the QuantorNet shared database on the network. A license dongle is not required.

Once you run QuantorDent Lite it will automatically search the network for an available QuantorNet server and set itself up.

A) Standalone Database

The local database can only be accessed from the PC on which the database is stored. QuantorDent must be installed on each PC.

Standalone Database

  • No access to databases or sharing of images accross networks
  • Each database is seperately stored locally on PC
  • *LDB = Local Database

B) Shared Database

Save your studies to a shared database with QuantorNet and view them with QuantorDent Lite. Allows you to share studies between all workstations on a network.

Shared Database

  • All PCs can access same database
  • Operating PCs run QuantorDent
  • Viewing-only PCs run QuantorDent Lite

*Our TWAIN driver acquires the images and delivers them to the 3rd party software. Any subsequent application, manipulation or sharing of the images will be limited to the capabilities of the 3rd party software.