The full-featured FireCam HD from 3DISC Imaging rapidly delivers high-definition images, live, during consultations, helping you motivate patients to further treatment of oral issues.

Watch The Video: FireCR Dental Reader

Highest Image Resolution on the Market

The image resolution of 5M pixels is amongst the highest on the market and enables you to see every detail while examining your patients’ teeth. Advancements in camera technology have allowed us to fit an incredibly high amount of pixels into the FireCam HD.

360° Action Button and Slim Design

The touch-sensitive 360° action button allows you to capture an image no matter where you press, preventing inconvenient workpositions. The compact design of the FireCam HD fits naturally into your hand and makes it a more pleasant experience for the patient. The 3 meters long cable allows you to move freely.

Auto-Focus and Optimal Adjustments

The FireCam HD’s auto-focus and auto-brightness give you the best possible image. This allows you to focus on your patient instead of dealing with hardware settings.

Motivate Treatment and Document Progress

Use the FireCam HD during consultations to show patients a clear image of their oral issues and motivate patients to further treatment. Document patients’ issues before starting treatment, register the progress and encourage them to change their oral hygiene habits.

Easy Disinfection

The FireCam HD has been designed to enable easy disinfection of the exposed parts of the camera. Insert the FireCam HD into a thin sheath to cover the seamless and smooth exterior.