Our Management Team

Thomas Weldingh
Thomas WeldinghThomas Weldingh is CEO of 3DISC and in this aspect he oversees all aspects of the organization and subsidiaries and handle corporate business / development. Thomas brings to 3DISC extensive experience gained from senior management positions at leading companies within the dental, 3D print and wide-format imaging fields.

As Executive Vice President at Contex, Thomas was the driving force behind developing and streamlining the company's distribution channels and building revenues, which contributed to the successful sale of the Contex Group in 2007. After Contex, Thomas joined 3Shape, a leading dental imaging company, as Vice President, heading global sales, marketing and customer support. He holds an MBA from Henley Business School, United Kingdom.

Mathieu Aubailly
Mathieu AubaillyResponsible for product development at 3DISC, Mathieu Aubailly is an experienced technical leader and R&D professional specialized in imaging and electro-optics systems. He has a proven ability to take novel ideas to the field and make inter-disciplinary teams function at their best especially when combining opto-mechanics, electronics, algorithms and high-performance computation.

As contributor and manager, he has been key in the development of innovative imaging sensors and EO systems for DARPA, US Air Force Research Lab, Army Research Labs, Sandia National Labs and private companies. He was involved in the development and experimentation of adaptive optics imaging systems, free-space laser communication systems, and target tracking systems. He received his Ph.D. from Michigan Technological University in Electrical Engineering. With an extensive publication record, he is a senior member of SPIE and OSA.

VP Technical Operations
Joshua Smitt Goldman
Joshua GoldmanJoshua Smitt Goldman is Vice President of Technical Operations for 3DISC Imaging where he manages the technical support team, works closely with research and development to improve the 3DISC product. Joshua liaisons with the sales team and the engineering group to conceptualize new products, provide input during the development process and finalize products prior to launch.

Working in the imaging services field has given Joshua a unique ability to relate to the customers and better understand and meet their needs. Joshua has worked with IMIX and Swissray as a field service engineer and holds a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology.

Executive Chairman
Sigrid Smitt Goldman
Sigrid Smitt-JeppesenSigrid Smitt Goldman is the Executive Chairman of the 3DISC and an experienced executive in the international imaging field. Sigrid joined 3DISC in 2010 and has grown the company from being a manufacturer of Computed Radiography products to a dental imaging company. As president and CEO of digital radiography firm IMIX Americas, she successfully led the company from its inception through a period of significant growth, product innovation, and strategic partnerships, and finally to its merger with Arcoma AB in early 2010. Prior to IMIX, Sigrid spearheaded DR product development efforts at VIDAR Systems Corporation, a leader in medical film digitizer technology.