3DISC To Introduce Next-generation FireCR Dental Reader at 2013 RSNA

Press Release, November 19th, 2013

Compact, Affordable System Enhances Productivity & Optimizes Chairside Time With Patients

3DISC, a manufacturer of digital imaging products, is launching the next generation of its compact, affordable computed radiography system for the dental market—the FireCR Dental Reader—with a number of new features and capabilities that enhance dental practice productivity and optimize chairside time with patients. The new FireCR Dental Reader will be introduced at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting in Chicago Dec. 1-6 (Booth #6125).

Designed to provide rapid, high-quality reading of reusable dental imaging plates, the FireCR Dental Reader’s small footprint—about the size of a shoebox—allows it to integrate seamlessly into even the most space-challenged dental offices and exam rooms.

The new FireCR Dental Reader also features 3DISC’s new QuantorTab software, which can be conveniently downloaded from an app store for use on tablet computers running Android and iOS operating systems. The software features an easy-to-use touch screen interface that provides dentists with immediate access to a patient’s dental images, allowing chairside interactive review with patients about treatment options.

The small size and unique features of the FireCR Dental Reader mean that it can be conveniently placed in each exam room, allowing for faster diagnosis and streamlined patient care as there is no wait time required to leave the room to scan images on a centralized scanner. After making a diagnosis on a PC, the QuantorTab app allows dentists to easily review the images and discuss treatment plans with patients using a tablet computer.

Sigrid Smitt-Jeppesen, CEO of 3DISC Americas, said dental practices today are increasingly looking to digital solutions, but digital sensors come with a variety of challenges—they must be cleaned between each patient, are uncomfortable in the patient’s mouth due to their attached

cord, and break more easily. “Computed radiography is the answer for many practices, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that our new FireCR Dental Reader provides all of the capabilities needed to help dental practices achieve the workflow and patient care benefits of digital imaging.”

3DISC also will introduce its new FireID RFID Reader, which can be connected via USB cable to the FireCR Dental workstation, providing quick and accurate registration of data relevant to each patient. The system ensures that key data are automatically assigned to the correct patient file, including the scanned image, imaging plate size, and serial number of the imaging plate—critical for busy dental practices.

According to Thomas Weldingh, CEO of 3DISC Europe, the FireCR Dental Reader’s automated processes are key to efficient workflow. “Features such as the FireID Reader and an integrated erase function—the system scans and clears the imaging plates so that they are immediately ready to use again—enhance efficiency for dental practices and allow them to focus on offering the best care to their patients,” Weldingh said.

The FireCR Dental Reader will be available worldwide in the first quarter of 2014. It is the newest addition to 3DISC’s growing line of compact, affordable CR systems and software products.

About 3DISC Imaging

3DISC specializes in quality imaging products for the medical, dental, chiropractic, and veterinary markets. Its products are based on innovative concepts that provide highly productive, compact devices and software solutions that deliver uncompromising image quality at an affordable price. The company has developed strong distribution networks in the United States and Europe, making its products available to a growing number of hospitals, clinics, specialty practices, and satellite facilities seeking flexibility that lets them grow.