3DISC Releases Next-Generation Imaging Software Quantor+

Press Release, August 19th, 2013

New QuantorMed+ and QuantorVet+ Imaging Software Provide Improved Productivity and Workflow

3DISC, a manufacturer of digital imaging solutions has launched its next-generation QuantorMed+ and QuantorVet+ Imaging Software. Quantor+ Imaging Software provides optimized image acquisition, processing, and management capabilities for facilities using 3DISC’s family of FireCR+ Medical and Veterinary Readers.

The new Quantor+ Software has a chronological and intuitive workflow, which eases the process of acquiring the highest image quality. The software features an improved control panel, which groups buttons according to functionality. A visible navigation bar is available at all times to guide users through the workflow and enables an easy addition and modification of study filters. The improved functionality includes a convenient note field for each image, which allows staff to save comments directly on the image file.

With QuantorMed+ and QuantorVet+ Imaging Software, users can crop, etch, enhance, increase brightness and contrast, and perform other adjustments. The user-friendly design of Quantor+ features a simplified color scheme and layout. An updated color scheme with a dark background offers maximum contrast when viewing images and is easier on the eyes of technicians, radiologists, and veterinarians.
Thomas Weldingh, CEO of 3DISC Europe, said, “With our next-generation software and unique touch-screen interface, image acquisition, processing, and management have never been easier. Facilities can use the DICOM-compliant interface to download patient and exam information from a work list, which can be matched automatically, eliminating the need for data entry, or manually input patient and exam information. For facilities without a HIS, RIS, or PACS, a local database enables direct management of patients and studies—DICOM and non-DICOM images can be viewed on the same workstation they were acquired on.”

About 3DISC Imaging

3DISC specializes in quality imaging products for the medical, dental, chiropractic, and veterinary markets. Its products are based on innovative concepts that provide highly productive, compact devices and software solutions that deliver uncompromising image quality at an affordable price. The company has quickly developed strong distribution networks world-wide, making its leading-edge products available to a growing number of hospitals, clinics, specialty practices, and satellite facilities seeking flexibility that lets them grow. For more information, visit www.3DISCimaging.com.

Contact: Sarah Kamma Borup, 3DISC Imaging
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