Meet and Greet

  • Learn their area of dental expertise
  • Confirm level of experience based on their ‘pre-screen’ sheet
  • What would you like to gain from this session?

Introducing the Heron IOS

  • Brief on provided hardware
  • Touch on the main KSP’s
  • Discuss the most common restorations and fabrications

Workflow-Case Management

  • Patient order form
  • Prescription specifications
  • Restoration library
  • Patient files

Live Scan Demo

  • Review of tools in the Scan and Case Management application
  • Quadrant scan demonstration w/bite registration on typodont model
  • One intraoral demonstration of a full mandibular (lower arch)

File Exporting/Lab Communication

  • Brief on DentalShare (if lab is an Exocad recipient)
  • ‘Drag and Drop’ file sharing
  • Q&A’s-Conclude with Closing Statement