The images are exactly as we want them every single time

Jacob Meyer, Veterinarian Københavns Dyrehospital, AniCura

Københavns Dyrehospital is a reputable private animal hospital with a staff of over 50 people.

"We are incredibly pleased with our FireCR Dental Reader and the great images we make with it. We are growing every year and even have waiting lists, so it is important for us to have a fast CR reader. We do not need to edit the images afterwards, as they are sharp immediately. The good settings in the post processing software enable us to get the images exactly as we want them every single time. My colleague and I work with the machine simultaneously. Therefore, it saves us a lot of time that we do not need to further edit the images and consequently wait for each other by the computer.

The FireCR Dental is a very important tool when making a diagnosis and to follow development and progress during a long-term treatment. Besides that, it is a good tool when explaining and documenting to the animal owners that the patient needs further treatment. The animal owners better understand why a treatment is necessary when we, by printing out the x-ray images or showing them on the screen, can point directly at the specific problem. Likewise, it is important that we can export the images and make annotations directly in the software when forwarding a case to colleagues/other veterinarians and to the patient’s own veterinarian’s archive.

The FireCR Dental and the software is user-friendly, intuitive and so uncomplicated that we would even have been able to use it without an introduction. We prefer the FireCR Dental over our former CR reader (competitive brand), as the FireCR Dental is faster, makes better images and the machine itself is more compact, has a nicer design and only takes up a small space on our table.

We think 3DISC Imaging is a good partner, easy accessible and acts fast. They listen to our feedback and do their best to make our experience as good as possible."