The FireCR Dental improves my workday by being fast, so I can see the image immediately

Dentist, Dr. Rasmus Frich D.D.S Amager Tandplejecenter

Rasmus Frich has been a dentist since 2001 and besides the regular dentist education, he has an extra education in dental surgery. He is a co-owner of Amager Tandplejecenter, which is a dental clinic in Tårnby, outside Copenhagen, Denmark.

“The FireCR Dental produces really good images. I have compared the images from our FireCR Dental with the images of our former CR system and the images from the FireCR Dental are much better.

We have installed a FireCR chairside, i.e. right next to the dentist’s chair, in each of our 3 exam rooms. It makes it faster to develop the images without having to leave the room. Earlier, we had to leave the room, as we only had one centrally placed CR reader (competing brand). Additionally, it gives a safety to have a CR in each room. In case of the unlucky event that a CR stops working, we always have another CR that works, so we can always develop images. A CR is not a huge investment and replacement IPs are cheap compared to other types of systems.

The FireCR Dental improves my workday by being fast, so I can see the image immediately. Also, the large IP sizes are good, as you can capture more teeth and roots in one image. You reduce the need to expose the patient to additional radiation and you eliminate the need to spend time stitching several smaller images to get the result you want.

Another good feature is the magnetic tray. Since the tray automatically fixates the IP, you do not need to touch it. You just disinfect the hygienic bag, open it, place the edge of the IP on the tray and then the magnet positions it. It is a clear hygienic advantage.

Earlier, I worked with wet film and think that CR was easy to get used to, since the work procedure is very close to film. You just avoid the complicated process of chemical development and the images are ready much faster. I am really happy about the digital images you get from CR, as you can manipulate, invert, crop and use measuring tools. I also attach the x-ray images in emails, when I consult colleagues. It is a very good diagnostic tool.

I would certainly recommend the FireCR Dental to others”