Sharper, show more contrast and more details

Dr. med. vet. Benjamin Winkler Tierarztpraxis Dr. Winkler

Dr. med. vet. Benjamin Winkler’s veterinarian practice, specializing in small animals, is located in Ratingen, Germany.

"I have been a veterinarian specializing in small animals since 2005. Before I purchased my FireCR+ CR system, I was using a wet film system. I decided to invest in a CR system because it is faster at developing the x-ray images and you do not need a special developing room with all those chemicals. So my assistant can stay in the same room as the examination. The x-ray images I make with my FireCR+ are sharper, show more contrast and more details than when using a wet film system.

Another good point for investing in a CR system is that with my FireCR+, I normally only need to take one image. If it is a bit over- or underexposed, the software will process it, so I do not need to take a new image. This saves me time and it is also better for the patients as they will receive less radiation. Both all my clients and I love it. The QuantorVet+ software is very easy to understand. It is intuitive for everyone."