I would definitely recommend the FireCR Dental.

Dipl. EVDC, Dr. Jens Ruhnau AniCura TandDyreklinikken

Specialist veterinarian, Dipl. EVDC, Dr. Jens Ruhnau has been working with veterinary dentistry for 18 years. He is the only veterinarian in Scandinavia, who has such a high specialist education. Therefore, he is also training other veterinarians in veterinary dentistry. He is working in AniCura TandDyreklinikken, which is Denmark’s only specialist clinic for animal dentistry. The clinic is located close to Copenhagen, Denmark.

“The FireCR Dental is extremely fast. It is the fastest CR system on the market. Since I, on an average day, have 5-6 operations and take 40 x-ray images, it is very important for me, that my CR system is fast. I would definitely recommend the FireCR Dental.

The FireCR Dental is just intuitively easy to use. It is easy to feed the system with the magnetic tray, which does not wear out the IP. The image quality matches the best on the market. The FireCR Dental is a part of the ”super league”. Its post processing filters makes the images completely sharp. It is better than the DR systems, I have seen.

The software is superb and fast. To me, the software is the best on the market. I really like the innovative function of quickly being able to load former examinations and even view several studies side by side. It is useful to be able to compare images to see the patients’ development over time, so I use this function a lot. It is also beneficial to be able to open several studies at once, when we are more veterinarians operating at the same time.

Veterinary dentistry is a big area and a market in clear expansion. I experience a large willingness among animal owners to pay for treatments. More and more animals are treated for illnesses and the owners put a higher emphasis on keeping the animals’ teeth. Animals have many teeth related problems. Earlier, veterinarians would simply remove the tooth, but now veterinarian do more teeth preserving treatments.

I use my FireCR Dental to show the animals’ problems to the owners. With the innovative software, you can easily illustrate the issues to the animal owners. Then they can follow the process, which makes them feel more reassured.

Earlier, I used wet film. It is complicated with all the chemicals and it takes a long time to develop an image. I.e. it also takes long to see if an image potentially needs to be retaken. With CR, I can easily see if the images are good. I retake fewer images than with wet film.

I have earlier worked with DR, but I think the image quality is better with a CR system. Furthermore, the variety of IP sizes and the thinness is of great value in veterinary dentistry.”