I would definitely recommend all dentists to first of all consider a FireCR Dental

Dentist, Dr. Mads Bundgaard D.D.S Amager Tandplejecenter

Mads Bundgaard has been a dentist for 30 years. He is a partner at Amager Tandplejecenter in Taarnby, Denmark. He also teaches on courses for dentists, dental therapists, doctors and chiropractors.

We have a FireCR Dental in each of our exam rooms because it increases our productivity. The FireCR Dental is incredibly simple. It is easy to install and easy to use with a very unproblematic workflow. We received a good introduction, but even without training, the system is intuitively easy to use. I would definitely recommend all dentists, who are about to invest in new digital x-ray equipment, to first of all consider a FireCR Dental.

Before I had our FireCR Dentals installed, we only had one centrally placed CR reader (competing brand). It meant that our clinic assistants had to run back and forth between the exam rooms and the CR reader. We are taking approximately 15 images per day, so it was a waste of time for both the dentists and the patients. The FireCR Dental has better image quality and is a lot faster that our former CR reader.

Before I purchased a CR system, I also considered a DR sensor system, but since my clinic has 5 exam rooms, it was too expensive to install sensors in every room. Of course, you can move a sensor from room to room, but it increases the risk of damaging the rather fragile sensor. So in the end, the choice was easy, I chose the best and cheapest.