I love it

Dr. Lone Samsoe became a veterinarian in 2002. In 2010, she opened her own clinic, Dyrlaegehuset Hoersholm, North of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The FireCR Flash is fantastic. It is a great piece of equipment as it is very fast and easy to use. First, I bought a FireCR+, which I was really happy with. It improved our workprocesses tremendously compared to our conventional wet film system. My FireCR Flash is even better. I love it.

It is easy to navigate the software and the really good post-processing filters make my images excellent every time. It is a big help for someone like me, who is not an x-ray specialist. We often send DICOM x-ray images to experts by email. It saves us a lot of time to be able to easily email them instead of burning a CD and then ship it with ordinary mail.

I was ready for a new technology, so I did not have any concerns about changing to a CR system. I was tired of developing images with chemicals. It was hell to be trapped inside a darkroom counting the minutes. The improvement is significant. The images became 200% better when I changed to CR. You have time to diagnose the images before the animal wakes up from anesthesia.

Most often, the animal owner joins me in the room during an examination. Then I use my FireCR Flash as a pedagogical tool to show the animal owner which issues need to be treated.