I highly recommend the FireCR unit

Danelle Okeson, DVM Rolling Hills Zoo, Salina, Kansas

We have been using the FireCR digital veterinary radiology system since early 2011 in our zoo veterinary hospital and have been extremely pleased with the results.

The unit was very affordable and gave us the opportunity to upgrade to digital imaging. Customer service with 3DISC has been great. They have been very helpful and always responded to our concerns and needs.

We were looking for a computed radiography unit rather than a direct digital unit to allow greater flexibility in imaging the wide variety of species at our zoo. We have obtained quality images on a variety of animals ranging from small frogs to the leg of a rhinoceros.

The CR unit has provided a tremendous convenience compared to traditional film radiology. I find we are more likely to take radiographs for baseline and normal films, than we were with standard films that required chemical processing.

The image quality is vastly superior to traditional film radiology. This has been a valuable tool in assessing the health status of our wild and endangered species.

I highly recommend the FireCR unit available from 3DISC.