I continue to be impressed with the FireCR Dental

Dr. Angus Fechney, Companion Animal Veterinarian Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, New Zealand

Dr. Angus Fechney is a Companion Animal Veterinarian with a special interest in dentistry and Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, New Zealand, where he teaches the senior veterinary and veterinary technology students.

“The FireCR Dental, in my opinion, is a convenient, portable and effective unit that due to its ease of use and high resolution aids significantly in management and diagnosis of dental issues in companion animals.

I would like to repeat not only how effectively the FireCR Dental works but also how much benefit there is, for both myself, and also the veterinary and veterinary technology students, I teach.

The benefit of multiple sized imaging plates is an obvious advantage. I continue to find the convenience of the various imaging plate sizes, as well as their thin shape, an added advantage over DR size 2 plates. The thin shape adds to the ease of placement intraorally and the plates reduce the number of exposures required for a complete study, as the plates are simply larger.

The magnetic sliding tray is a very convenient transfer system that makes the image capture process seamless and straightforward. The resolution is excellent and the software allows easy manipulation of images once loaded into a study. The software offers a wide range of animal specific capture options as well as editing tools. The menus and split screen options are useful viewing options.

We also benefit from the great portability of the system, particularly with the mobile x-ray generator for use around the hospital.

I continue to be impressed with the FireCR Dental system”