Testimonials: “The FireCR Dental increases our productivity”

The FireCR Dental produces really good images

The busy dental clinic Amager Tandplejecenter in Copenhagen has 3 FireCR Dental Readers installed. We visited the clinic to ask the two dentists and owners of the clinic, Dr. Mads Bundgaard D.D.S. and DR. Rasmus Frich D.D.S., how it is to work with our FireCR Dental CR system. Here are a few of their statements:

Dr. Bundgaard: “We have a FireCR Dental in each of our exam rooms because it increases our productivity. The FireCR Dental is incredibly simple. It is easy to install and easy to use with a very unproblematic workflow. I would definitely recommend all dentists, who are about to invest in new digital x-ray equipment, to first of all consider a FireCR Dental.”

Read Dr. Bundgaard's full testimonial here: www.3discimaging.com/testimonial/the-firecr-dental-improves-my-workday-by-being-fast-so-i-can-see-the-image-immediately/

Dr. Frich: “The FireCR Dental gives really good images. I have compared the images from our FireCR Dental with the images of our former CR system and the images from the FireCR Dental are much better. The FireCR Dental improves my workday by being fast, so I can see the image immediately. Also, the large IP sizes are good, as you can capture more teeth and roots in one image.”

Read Dr. Frich's full testimonial here: www.3discimaging.com/testimonial/i-would-definitely-recommend-all-dentists-to-first-of-all-consider-a-firecr-dental/