New Testimonial: “The FireCR Dental is a part of the “super league””

I would definitely recommend the FireCR Dental!

We have interviewed acclaimed Dipl. EVDC, Dr. Jens Ruhnau from Anicura Tanddyreklinikken, Copenhagen, about what he thinks about working with our FireCR Dental Veterinary CR system. Here are a few of his statements:

"The image quality matches the best on the market. The FireCR Dental is a part of the ”super league”. It is better than the DR systems, I have seen. Its post processing filters makes the images completely sharp. To me, the software is the best on the market."

It was very interesting to go see Dr. Ruhnau "in action" as he was operating a dog while we were there. While diagnosing using our QuantorDentVet software, he also used the software to show the dog's owner what the issue was.

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