Magnetic Feeding Tray Protects Image Plates

So how does the FireCR Dental's feeding tray protect the IPs?

By being magnetic, the tray ensures a perfect positioning of the magnetic image plates as it fixates the IP. Additionally, the tray is horizontal, which means that the IP will stay in place and remain completely flat during the read-out process. This ensures a longer IP life cycle, as the IP is not swept through a machinery with the risk of being scratched and bent.

Furthermore, the automated ”Push and Go” feeding tray is simple and quick to operate. You give it a gentle push and it retracts the tray automatically and begins reading the IP on the way in and erasing it on the way out. That’s it. Ready for the next image!

As an existing customer, Dr. Frich, puts it: “Another good feature is the magnetic tray. Since the tray automatically fixates the IP, you do not need to touch it. You just disinfect the hygienic bag, open it, place the edge of the IP on the tray and then the magnet positions it. It is a clear hygienic advantage”. Read Dr. Frich's full testimonial here:

FireCR Dental Tray Open