3DISC to present Field Upgradeable CR Readers at the ECR Exhibition in Vienna March 3-7th, 2011

Press Release, February 15th, 2011

The FireCR scanner range from 3DISC represents a new generation in computed radiography. Fast, compact and field upgradable, the FireCR is ideal for busy radiology departments, clinics, and specialty practices. The FireCR scanner range is designed for both medical and veterinary environments and is capable of delivering through-put speeds from 20 IP/hour in the FireCR-20 entry model up to an impressive 70 IP/hour in the high-end FireCR Medical-80 or Veterinary-80 version. The FireCR scanners can be electronically field upgraded to achieve higher speeds, as clinics expand and require higher patient through-put.

We are proud to present this unique field upgrade technology to our customers, says Thomas Weldingh 3DISC´s Chief Executive Officer of 3DISC EMEA. Being able to upgrade the scanners without disrupting the workflow provides medical and veterinary professionals with the opportunity to invest in a CR scanner that meets current needs and budgets, and then scale up as their imaging volume increases. This innovative feature provides maximum flexibility for practices and clinics, and ensures that their technology investment is protected, says Thomas Weldingh.

The scanners feature 3DISC’s Quantor Imaging Software, which provides optimized image acquisition, processing, and management capabilities. It offers full DICOM connectivity and allows users to capture high-quality digital images of any body part. All imaging parameters are optimized, resulting in images that can be enhanced, enlarged, duplicated, and sent to any location in seconds with no loss of resolution.

The compact, lightweight FireCR reader is designed to fit into any environment, comes with a wall-mount option, and can be used with mobile x-ray equipment transported within hospitals and between geographical locations. All FireCR scanners are delivered in a re-usable transportation flight case and sophisticated auto-calibration technology ensures stability and consistency, even when the readers are wheeled around a busy clinic on a cart or transported in a mobile imaging unit. Especially facilities with limited space availability will benefit from a CR scanner, which delivers fast and superior image quality, while literally taking-up no space, says Sigrid Smitt-Jeppesen, Chief Executive Officer of 3DISC Americas.

About 3DISC

3DISC develops quality x-ray imaging solutions for human and animal use, based on new and innovative concepts that provide highly productive and compact devices delivering uncompromised image quality at an affordable price. 3DISC products add significant value to the workflow of hospitals, chiropractic, private and veterinary clinics of all sizes. For more information, visit www.3-disc.com and the ECR Expo E Booth # 564.