3DISC Awarded for its Competitive Strategy Innovation & Leadership in Digital Dental Solutions

3DISC - seen as the smart choice for the modern dental practice new to digital dentistry

Press Release, May 3rd, 2018

3DISC, a provider of digital X-ray and 3D imaging and scanning technology for dental clinics, is announcing the news of them receiving the Frost & Sullivan 2018 best practices Award within Strategy Innovation & Leadership in digital dentistry.

3DISC was analyzed and evaluated by 6 key criteria, with focus on the strategy for their new Intraoral Scanner Heron IOS. The 6 criteria are strategy effectiveness, strategy execution, competitive differentiation, price/performance value, customer purchase experience and brand equity. The conclusion was a strong overall performance on the above criteria in the digital dental industry. All held in relation to the actual market/industry situation, which according to Frost & Sullivan is:

“Dental practices, group practices and hospitals currently have the highest adoption rate of intraoral scanners because of their spending power and higher number of patient visits. However, in solo practices that contribute the major share among dental practices, with more than 70% of practices in both Europe and the United States, this technology adoption is low. Therefore, penetrating solo practices is critical to gaining market share and a competitive advantage. In addition, intraoral imaging has a high maintenance cost for dental practices.
Another big challenge with existing intraoral scanners is the equipment’s ergonomics or ease of use. Because intraoral scanners are hand-held equipment, the ability to use them comfortably is important for dentists. Dental practices are looking for companies that can provide both high-quality intraoral imaging and intraoral scanners at an affordable price, especially for solo dental practitioners who form the value segment.” Source, Frost & Sullivan report

3DISC is primarily addressing the segment of small to middle sized dental practices, where affordability, simplicity and ease-of-use is paramount when entering the field of digital dentistry, without compromising speed or quality of the result. In doing so, 3DISC is directly addressing the market situation and needs for a simple and cost-effective, but reliable and high-quality, solution. The company recognizes that dentists and clinics that primarily perform the most common restorations and a limited amount of impressions per year do not have the same needs for a long feature list as large dental practices and hospitals might have. With them in mind, 3DISC has created an easy-to-use scanner that covers all common features and restorations, without compromising on scan-quality and -results.

“We provide dental practices with an easy, accurate and cost-effective solution” – Thomas Weldingh, 3DISC Deputy Group CEO.

“There is a high-end segment in the industry for very advanced products, where you naturally pay for additional and specialized features, as well as for the premium brands - the Ferraris of intraoral scanners. However, we recognize that dentists and clinics that primarily perform the most common restorations and a limited amount of impressions per year have different needs. Heron™ IOS takes its own spot in the value segment of the market - the “Volkswagen” of color scanners – as the sensible and clever choice. It is encouraging for us as a company to be recognized for the choices and strategy we made early in the development phase of the scanner, and it furthers our belief in the Heron™ IOS and its position in the market”, says Thomas Weldingh, Deputy Group CEO, 3DISC.

Heron IOS - an easy, reliable and cost-efficient entry into digital dentistry, through being …

  • A leader in ergonomics – With a small, lightweight and flexible hand and mouth piece, with a rotating tip and weighing only 145 grams.
  • The “affordable” cost-effective solution – With Heron IOS you get a onetime, affordable payment – with no additional cost in license fee or cost per scan.
  • Simplicity is key – Simplicity in purchase, in daily use, in cooperation with the dental lab, and importantly simplicity in the price model.
  • A Quality result – providing scan quality through reliable and precise scans, with no use of spray or powder.


3DISC makes easy, reliable, and affordable imaging solutions for the modern dental or medical clinic.
3DISC specializes in high-quality digital x-ray and 3D imaging solutions for dental and medical use. Our products are based on innovative concepts that provide highly productive solutions delivering uncompromising image quality and improved workflow at an affordable price.

3DISC brings together imaging experts with diverse backgrounds and significant experience in image processing and enhancement, including digital radiography, medical film digitizers, microarray scanners, 3D imaging, large-format scanners, and a host of other technologies. The company combines this technical expertise with a great understanding of the needs of the medical and dental imaging field.

3DISC wants to be a supplier of innovative and reliable imaging equipment, through quality, flexibility and affordability.

General Contact; Visit our global website 3DISC.com or contact us on sales@3DISC.com for sales, or marketing@3DISC.com for marketing.