3DISC in the Media

dental-tribune.com – Dental Tribune International, March 12, 2019
Interview: Adopting intra-oral scanners is vital for success
dental-tribune.com – Dental Tribune International, Februar 21, 2019
Check out the newest intra-oral scanners, including 3DISC’s Heron IOS, at IDS
today – Greater New York Dental Meeting, November 25, 2018
A comfortable scanning experience
dental-tribune.com – Dental Tribune International, October 24, 2018
Heron IOS - A new chairside option offering immediate value
dentalproductsreport.com – Dental Products Report, September, 2018
Making digital impressions affordable with Heron IOS
Implants Magazine, August, 2018
Bringing a turnkey restoration solution to dentists
dental-tribune.com – Dental Tribune International, February 22, 2018
Interview: “3DISC is bringing the best solution to dentists”
dental-tribune.com – Dental Tribune International, November 27, 2017
‘A truly open solution’ – 3DISC’s new Heron IOS scanner to be introduced
dental-tribune.com – Dental Tribune International, November 24, 2017
Heron IOS — 3DISC showcases its latest innovation
dentalproductsreport.com, October, 2017
Using the Heron IOS to improve the patient experience
dental-tribune.com – Dental Tribune International, April 5, 2017
Heron IOS: A solid entry into the intra-oral scanner market
Cone Beam Magazine, September, 2014
3DISC releases new imaging software
Diagnostic Imaging Europe, January, 2014
Advanced CR Readers
medimaging.net, December 5, 2013
Compact CR Medical Readers Combine Clear Image with Speed and Effectiveness
rfidjournal.com – RFID Journal, December 5, 2013
3DISC Adds RFID to Its Digital Dental X-Ray System
dental-tribune.com – Dental Tribune International, November 28, 2013
3DISC to introduce new dental radiography system
AuntMinnie.com, November 20, 2013
3DISC readies dental CR reader
ITonline.com – Imaging Technology News, March 2013
3DISC Expanded Line of Next-Generation CR Readers
Kathy Kincade, January 18th, 2013
3DISC Is computed radiograpy right for your practice?
ADVANCE, November 2012
3DISC Introduces Expanded Line of Next Generation CR-Readers at 2012 RSNA
ADVANCE, November 2012
3DISC Launches Next Generation Imaging Software at 2012 RSNA
ADVANCE, December 2012
3DISC Unveiled Next Generation CR-Readers at RSNA
AuntMinnie 2012
3DISC debuts CR readers and software update
Yahoo Finance, February 2012
3DISC Launches First Dental CR Reader Featuring Tablet Computer
BioSpace, December 2011
3DISC Imaging Acquires CoreWare
DotMed Business News, December 2011
3DISC buys Coreware
AuntMinnie.com, December 2011
3DISC purchases CoreWare
Drbicuspid.com, November 2011
Chairside CR reader utilizes computer tablet
Medimaging.net, November 2011
CR Readers, Software Receive FDA Clearance
AuntMinnie.com, November 2011
3DISC prepares for RSNA 2011 debuts
Radiology Today, October 2011
FireCR Medical Scanners Receive FDA Clearance
DotMed Business News, July 2011
3DISC receives FDA clearance to market FireCR
RT-Image.com, July 2011
The FireCR Scanner is designed for full DICOM Connectivity
AuntMinnie.com, June 2011
3DISC gets FDA nod for CR readers
GEB News, November 2010
3DISC to Unveil Line of Flexible, Compact CR Solution at 2010 RSNA
MedicExchange, May 2010
3DISC, CR Manufacturer, Opens Americas Headquarters
DotMed Business News, May 2010
3DISC offers Next generation CR Solutions
AuntMinnie.com, May 2010
3DISC launches U.S headquarters, taps CEO
DotMed Business News, March  2010
3DISC Introduces Affordable CR Solution for Clinics at Any Size
AuntMinnie.com, March 2010
3DISC launches Compact CR Unit